Monthly Goals

PERSONAL – Become more productive with my time and get fit again!

This month’s’s steps to getting there:

  • Get up and start my day 3-5 days per week before 8am  9am
  • Work out a total of at least 2 hours per week
  • Drink 3.5 gallons of water each week
  • Lose 2-3 lbs. per week – 8-12 lbs for the month
  • Do back strengthening exercises 5x per week
  • Don’t eat after 10pm!

SPIRITUAL – Commit to a Bible study and spend time in the Word each day.

PRODUCTIVITY [blog, etsy & photography]

  • Build photography website
  • Continue to blog at least 2 days per week
  • Learn how to knit
  • Make puff-lovie – post tutorial  (made puff caterpillar instead)
  • Buy fabric for my full-size puff-quilt designs
  • Try making wooden photo prints
  • 9 month shoot with Vivian!


  • Complete 1 load of laundry per day
  • Establish a home-cleaning routine and meal plan
  • Straighten the house and finish all the dishes each night before bed.
  • Try making homemade pizza dough
  • Don’t go insane from all the red tape involved in buying a house!

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