Just 2 more weeks?

At the beginning of my pregnancy, I honestly felt as though this day would never come…. the time when I would wake up every morning hoping that today might just be “the” day! I can’t wait to meet our baby girl – her daddy’s been giving her little incentives to want to come out, and my back is begging for a break!

Pregnancy has been so much harder than I ever expected! Even having a front row seat to 6 of my mom’s 8 pregnancies and natural births, I guess I still managed to develop an idealistic view of this journey…. dreaming of the highlights – of having a baby with the love of my life, the kisses and hugs, the beautiful glow and adorable little coos and smiles… and for all of these things, it can’t possibly be overrated! =)  But pregnancy has been everything but glamorous.

What I wasn’t prepared for, was what good friends me and the toilet would become those first 3 months… the exhaustion that would prevent me from staying *nearly* as fit as I had hoped, the horrible cursed stretch marks, and the back pains that have flared up. I could go on – pregnancy is hard!

I do love it though – honestly, I will miss every little kick she plants in my ribcage… every time she squirms and rests on my bladder – yeah, maybe not that so much. I will love being able to sit up on a whim, but I will miss the sweet little reminders that my little baby girl truly needs me. In spite of the constant pee breaks, I’m going to enjoy every moment that I have left…  =) Just 2 more weeks!