Be Still My Heart

Playing dress up!

My sweet baby girl is now 9 months old… and she isn’t so little anymore.

She is learning and exploring so many things that I can hardly keep up with her! She is crawling and standing and sprouting 7 little ‘toophers’. She’s a biter. . . She is already infatuated with shoes… Oh dear.

She is a “dada”‘s girl – she has been saying his name for weeks and simply laughing at us when we ask her to say “mama”… Finally she did. Trailing behind me calling for me to pick her up – “baba! baba! BABA!”

Be still my heart.

I’m a baba. =)

She took her first step a few days ago – and has been practicing ever since… We gasp for everyone to look when we see her start to waddle or tap her foot up and down, and she lights up with a smile and giggle. “Yay!” she says, and claps excitedly… She also likes to clap along during worship at church. – She loves music and the only time she seems to sit still during the day is when I start to sing – then she presses her chubby little cheeks up against mine and sings right along with me. . .

“dada dada da… i lahlu dada”

Be still my heart! . . . Our baby’s growing up.


4 thoughts on “Be Still My Heart

  1. LoVe this post, of course I would I am her grandmother, and excitedly so…Sat. I had the privelege of watching her till the next day….OH WHAT A NIGHT, we just could not take our eyes off of her, so many hugs and kisses…then in the morning I got to snuggle with her as the sun rose, I gently placed her rosy cheeks on mine and sang my favorite song to her over and over “Amazing Grace” then Jesus loves me…she is never really still but she was that precious morning, a treasure to be cherish in my heart forever…I am the mother in law to Prayse and I must say MY LOVE MY GIRLS…I always tell my PraysE thank you for loving our son, and go infront of the mirror and give yourself a kiss and Vivy one, I simple LOVE my girly girls…Prayse thank YOU for being in our family and our little world as we know it. mommadonna

  2. Sooooo sweet! I am thinking the same thoughts now that moirra is 8 months old! She was only a newborn a few weeks ago, right?? How did she grow up so fast?!

  3. i know, joela’s 14 months. she keeps us (i say us because she needs at least 3 people watching her at all times!) busy, as she is active and curious and smart. we’ve got our hands full! what a joy. prayse, i can’t wait for our girls, now that they’ll be older and walking and talking, to play together. what a blessing are our children. be still, my heart!

  4. I LOVE my sweeties too! I am sitting here in Liberia Africa getting to read my daughter’s blog about my sweet V. WOW! and see Our sweet Raquel from Peru post too! We are all so privileged. Prayse thanks for sharing glimpses of your life with us. Miss everyone!

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