Project Dreamboards

Have you ever looked through Etsy or Pinterest and thought to yourself, “I would LOVE to figure out how to make that!”, you may save the photo somewhere, or bookmark the link, but then it slips your mind and you forgot you even saw it…

I have that problem. All. The. Time.

It’s always one more project that’s a little too ambitious for me right now, but someday…

…oh. someday! =)

Pinterest seems to be a nice answer to this problem, by pinning and repinning you can collect all of those photos and projects and recipes and store items into your different categories. It’s really nice.

But it’s not for everyone, and with all of the dreamy-photos just floating around, it’s certainly not for the easily discontented. So I’m trying to keep my lists separate from the distraction of other amazing things. =)

All that being said, I introduce, my personal project dreamboard:

Hyperlinks to the tutorials, patterns or listings are embedded in each photo in the actual document, and of course I’m only using the listing photos as inspiration 🙂 In no way do I want to step on any toes!

Oh someday projects, here I come! =)


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