We have just recently begun Vivian on solids regularly – and she loves it! Anything from Apples to Oatmeal to Carrots, she has been soaking it up!

And I’m going to take a little break from my regular posting material to give major props to the Munchkin brand!

Yup. This little handy dandy “squeezy spoony thingy” has pretty much been the best thing since, well, the bouncy seat! – And that’s saying something.

I won’t go all reviewer on you, but basically you put the baby food inside the squeezy part, unlock the spoon, and squeeze out what you need spoonful by spoonful.

It’s perfect for the first few weeks of baby-fooding it. Especially when you need your other hand free, to keep this mess from getting all over you! =)
As for baby, well…. she thinks the mess is just fantastic.

What about you? Is there anything that has made life easier on you?


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