2011 – A year in review

This year has been a rather eventful one. Looking back I almost wonder how so much change can be stuffed into such little time!

Though when I stop and look at where I am today and am still not satisfied with the measurable progress I’ve made, I am more than thrilled by the unique highlights that have brought my family and I to where we are.

I suppose that is what is meant by the saying “enjoy the journey”. You may never reach your destination, but trying to get there can be quite a ride! [kind of like my driving! *smile*]

So what has changed in 2011? – Here are some of the highlights:


  • My morning sickness had just subsided (yay!) and I re-joined the land of the living.
  • Bradley ended his time at Solideal USA and began a semester at Ivy Tech Community College while continuing his monthly weekend training with the National Guard.
  • I was offered and accepted a position with LegacyIt, a personal media storage and private sharing website, as their member care person. I began to also do some light graphic design work for the company, learning as I went along.  – This was a highly educational experience!
  • My in-laws welcomed home their new daughter Lucy Mae Yan Dangler, from China! At 5 years old she didn’t speak any English, but instantly melded into their family in such a beautiful way! We are honored to have a new little sister! =)


  • I worked my last day with Legacyit, and prepared to become a full time stay at home mom.
  • Vivian Joy Dangler was born! I shared her birth story here. Our lives were changed forever and I cannot imagine life without our little girl!


  • Bradley was working at Chik-fil-a while continuing the application and interview processes for several police departments. – He also had to train for 3 weeks out of town with his National Guard Unit!


  • Bradley was finally hired on with a security company in Louisville – with months still left of waiting on any police departments, he accepted.
  • We found a house, fell in love and made an offer!
  • They accepted!


  • Our house fell through. – we didn’t perfectly fit the income guidelines for the program the house was in…. =(
  • We found another, really liked it and made an offer!
  • They accepted!
  • Our house fell through – it didn’t pass inspection on some very serious notes.


  • We were contacted regarding the first house – our favorite, and were asked if we would like to re-apply.  The house had partnered with yet another program which would solve the issues we had run into with the first! Of course we jumped on it. =)  – We are still waiting on some red tape to be ironed out, but we are progressing slowly toward closing.

So here we are! The first day of January, and we have come so far!

Vivian has grown – she is now crawling and pulling up on things… bumping her head and trying to cruise along the furniture… Smiling all of the time and constantly cheering up our days. =)

We may not have checked off all of our 2011 Resolutions, but I am so happy with how far we have come this year.


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