Baby’s first Christmas

Whew! Does anyone else feel like Christmas jumped out from the shadows and caught you off guard?

The past few months seem to be happening without me. – I’m still trying to catch up!

The holidays are always such a beautiful time of year though… In spite of how “off” our Christmas spirit seemed to be this year, seeing all of the lovely lights, Christmas music playing everywhere we went, and of course being around our families as much as possible… brought back so many wonderful memories and warm fuzzy feelings. =) I loved it!

And of course, it was Vivian’s very first Christmas! She seemed to have no real interest in all of the gifts and decorations, but absolutely adored the attention and love!
… And the boxes. She loved the boxes. =)

Speaking of boxes, my husband and I have spent the last few weeks packing up our things in our spare time. – We have stacks of empty boxes, and newly emptied bookcases in our living room, and the ever-so-lovely pile of packed boxes filling Vivian’s room is growing slowly.  It is becoming an art of sorts to maneuver through the boxes and around first the rocking chair, then Brad’s military gear, our massive photo printer and our new-to-us elliptical machine, to get to Vivian’s bed! – Her poor room can only hold so much.

Needless to say, we didn’t decorate for the holidays this year. =)

Part of me wishes we had pulled out our tree for the sake of Christmas spirit…. But then I look around and think “maybe we should have just strung lights on our moving boxes!”.


Vivian was such a joy this Christmas… She just soaked up all of the love and attention she received being with family throughout the weekend, and I really look forward to next year when we will hopefully be a little more settled and able to involve her in starting some of our own holiday traditions!


One thought on “Baby’s first Christmas

  1. Vivy…your grandmaws pure sugar…just saying…love the picture of you all…and sorry Prayse but all children love boxes, if only parents would be bright enough to just purchase different color boxes and sizes of boxes for Christmas, but we still just keep on insisting toys, what are we thinking…love you all

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