Stay-in date night for under $5? Yes Please!

As many of you may know, Bradley and I have been trying to keep ourselves on a pretty tight budget. (I wrote a few weeks ago about how this effected our approach to celebrating Brad’s birthday.)
So today we tried something even cheaper… We made our own pizza!

I’m hooked. – Why haven’t we tried this sooner?

Pizza is already one of our absolute favorite foods, and we have a pretty regular “cheap date” of frozen pizzas and polar pops with a redbox movie or some of our favorite shows on Hulu… but altogether the cost still comes to at least $7-8, not to mention the trip to the store always seems to inspire more grocery shopping…. =/

Not too big of a deal, but the extra $5 here, and $10 there was starting to form a more significant dent in our spending than we were comfortable with… So when I found this recipe from The Pioneer Woman – I decided it might be worth a shot to make and freeze my own (unbaked) in advance.

Cost breakdown:

Cheese: $1.15  per pizza. (the $4.50 block of mozzerella I bought was just enough for 4 pizzas.)
Pizza Sauce: $0.30 (1, $1.25 can makes 4 pizzas)
Flour: $0.50 -ish
Oil: $0.25 -ish
Yeast: $0.05 -ish

Total: $2.25

optional extras:

meat or veggie toppings
2 Polar Pops from the gas station across the street
Redbox movie rental

It all comes in under $5! Plus, it is delicious. =)

Yes please!



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