The other day I dug out a couple of blank canvases we had buried in the back of Vivi’s closet [better known as Brad’s Army closet!], and decided to try my hand at painting…. We only had a couple of colors left over from Vivian’s nursery projects, so my wonderful man ran out late that night and picked me up a small set of oil paints and some brushes!

I was a little intimidated to try oils, but it ended up being perfect for me as I could leave it for an hour or two when the baby needed me, and I could still manipulate the colors the next morning! Awesome.

So this is what I came up with:

It is intended to portray the relationship between Bradley and myself… The shades of our individual  personalities and qualities… and how they both complement eachother and blend into a beautiful and passionate marriage. =)

Now, does anybody know how long it takes for these things to dry?


2 thoughts on “Abstract

  1. If it is damp, it takes longer. Drier, not as long. 🙂 Should be about 24 hours mom says. And by the way – awesome job! It definitely runs in the family!

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