Personalized “Taggie” Bean Bags

Vivian *loves* playing with these bean bags! =)

And it makes me happy to know that I stuck with a whole set of projects to the end. [see Vivian’s matching Soft Blocks, and Quilt!] Plus I still have some of the fabric left over, so I’m hoping to try some homemade hair bows… we’ll see how that goes! =)

Finishing what I start isn’t exactly my strong suit, and I’ve never considered myself very creative or “crafty”, but I’m really satisfied with how these turned out, and even more so, that they aren’t just one more unfinished project set aside for “one day”…

But I learned something about myself… I love this! I truly enjoyed the process of creating something so cute and fun. =) And now, I have a flood of ideas that I can’t wait to get started on!

You can find the tutorial here.


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