I Completed A Project!

As a new mom, it’s hard to find time for myself. Yes there are naptimes when I can slip in an hour of wonderful sleep, or a shower here and there, and yes I can watch a show on Hulu while picking up the house or feeding Vivian, but there never seems to be much time when I’m not on high alert – checking on the baby so she doesn’t roll into the kitchen, wiping spit-up spots off my shirt, or working on that never changing pile of dishes in the sink, all the while trying to process the million things that I can’t quite get to yet.

I’m not complaining.

I’m rejoicing!

Because amongst all of this – buying a house, trying to manage our too-small apartment, playing with my daughter, etc…. I finished a project! And not just one – I have more to show you! **dances in excitement**

For starters though, here is Vivian’s new quilt.

I used our favorite green receiving blanket for the backing, and a thin soft fleece one for the middle – all sweet newborn memories attached. =)

And Vivian *loves* to play on it! I know it won’t be long before she is wrapping her own little “babies” in the quilt as she plays mommy with her dolls….. **melts**

Let me make you one!


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