Birthday on a Budget

This month, we are trying to really buckle down and spend as little as possible to build up our savings and help us transition as soon-to-be homeowners. So when Bradley’s birthday came around this week, I knew there had to be some way to make it special while not busting our budget.

All in all we spent less than $35 and I think he had a pretty great day. =)

Here’s how we did it:

1) Swagbucks – Spent – $0.00, Saved – $19.98 [+ any cost that a playstation and controller would have been!]

For the past couple of months we have played around with the idea of saving to buy a playstation 3 next year, and I knew that there were a couple of games he used to play a lot when he was deployed to Iraq, that he would enjoy being able to play again. So I looked on Amazon, and sure enough there was one of the games available for download, and playable on our Mac computer!

I had saved up $20 in free gift cards from Swagbucks, and was therefore able to purchase the game for free!

*link above is my referral link

2) – Spent – $35.00 total ($2 for a $25.00 gift card), Saved – $23.00

My parents had offered to babysit if we decided to go out for the evening, so after Mom picked up Vivian, we went out to a local Winery for a nice dinner.

Every couple of weeks, will have an 80% off special on their gift cards, making them $2, for $25 worth of food! (Normally $10 for $25). So I printed one out, and off we went! Though the card had a minimum purchase of $50 stipulation, we had a fantastic dinner for just a fraction of the cost, with an appetizer, salad, 2 wonderful entrees, drinks and dessert! We aren’t complaining…. =)

3) Window Shopping – Spent – $0.00, Saved – $ ?

After dinner Bradley drove me around downtown, showed me where he works, and then we browsed some stores with no intention of buying anything that night. We looked at refrigerators for our new home, played on ipads at Best Buy, laughed and talked and closed the store! This is quite honestly one of our favorite ways to save money on dates… =)

What are some creative ways that you have found to save money when blessing someone else?


2 thoughts on “Birthday on a Budget

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